New Command- msgboxrich

Jun 1, 2009 at 2:04 AM


Been getting familiar with the awesome VmcController codebase and have added support for a new command- msgboxrich. This allows for a rich message box with a custom image and buttons, as well as sending a response back to the client when a given button is pressed to allow a client to make intelligent decisions about a response. The syntax is as follows:

msgboxrich "caption" "message" <timeout seconds> "button codes" "modal|nonmodal" "imagepath"


msgboxrich "hello" "world" 5 "First;Second;Third" "nonmodal" "c:\pics\butterfly.jpg"

To install, follow OldDog's instructions here:

(this modification is based on his codebase, and is designed for the Windows 7 RC) then overwrite the VmcControll.Add-In.dll in c:\windows\ehome with the one in the zip file below. I use this for showing popups with images from motion-sensitive cameras from a home automation system. Use at your own risk!

The files are available at the embeddedautomation forums,