BUG: stops volume from working properly

Nov 30, 2008 at 8:40 PM


First of all, thanks for everyone's work on this, it is what I have been looking for.

There is a bug however: When this is installed, the volume no longer works properly on the host machine. If you hold the volume up or volume down button the indicator appears in the top right of the screen, but it doesnt move to indicate the volume is changing. The volume does change, it just doesnt show it. If I remove the software it starts working again.

Also, I am confused as to exactly what this software is installed as. I would assume it is a service, however, I cant see it in the services list anywhere! How do I start and stop it without uninstalling it?

I am thinking of creating a GUI to this, as that is what I am really after. I am going to create it in .NET as well, probably using WPF as I think that would work quite well.

It will probably take me a couple of months, but I will probably start a project here if it gets to a decent state.

Thanks again