Syntax questions

Sep 20, 2010 at 6:00 AM
Edited Sep 20, 2010 at 8:57 AM

I have most of the VMC Controller commands figured out but I have a few things that I can't get working or don't know what syntax to enter.

The first one is the play-dvd command.  I have a folder of DVD files that are on a server that I access from the Media-PC.  The share is also a mapped network drive on the Media-PC, which is Z: the path to the folder is //server01/d/DVDs/Customize/PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3/VIDEO_TS and the IP of the server is  Here is what I've been trying and none of them seem to work:

play-dvd DVD://server01/d/DVDs/Customize/PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3/VIDEO_TS



None of these seems to be working.  Can anyone give me an example?  I can get "play-dvd DVD://D:/video_ts" to work and this will play the DVD that is in the optical drive, but that's it.


The other thing that I'm wondering, is how to navigate to the NetFlix addin, InternetTV addin, or the Search function directly (hotkey or ExtensibilityURL) once Media Center is open.  I already know how to open media center directly to the NetFlix addin and InternetTV addin just not navigate directly to them once Media Center is open.

I'm assuming there is way to do this with the "goto" and the "ExtensibilityURL", or maybe a simple hotkey.


Lastly, I haven't found any where a way to launch Media Center directly to the "My Movies" Section.  There are plenty of guides showing how to open directly to "My Videos" Just not "My Movies".  Any help is greatly appreciated.