FaceBook support

Jul 2, 2010 at 2:12 PM



I've just posted a patch to add FaceBook support. This is pretty rudimentary right now- just pops up the any newly posted photos or news items from your facebook wall. It uses an app called 'testsite' to authenticate; you'll need to have granted access to this app from within FaceBook for the code to work [it's hard-coded for now].


You'll need an entry in c:\windows\ehome\vmcController.xml too:


<facebook username='' password=''/>


as well as an updated Launch method in AddInModule.cs to include the following:







                    //initialize facebook
                    FacebookClient fb = new FacebookClient();
                    Thread fbThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(fb.StartMonitoring));
                    fbThread.ApartmentState = ApartmentState.STA;
                    fbThread.Start();Good luck, feedback welcome.



Good luck, feedback welcome!