New features: Caller ID, Watched Folders, Disc Archiving

Apr 13, 2010 at 9:18 PM


Have uploaded a couple of new patches which I hope others find useful.

Watched Folders
This feature causes MediaCenter to watch a folder for new images. When a new image arrives, MCE displays a message. It is configured in vmcController.xml as follows:

<watchedFolder path='C:\some\folder\path' caption='Watched folder alert' text='A new picture' announcement='Attention, a new picture has arrived'/>

I use this to watch folders from a security camera which uploads photos.

Caller ID support
Pops up a message when an incoming call is detected on an attached modem. Configured in vmcController.xml as follows. Adding 'caller' nodes act like a phone directory, which will let the VMCController show a picture and a friendly name instead of the name from the caller ID. If it can't find a match, it'll use whatever comes through from the modem.

<callerID port='COM5' caption='Message from server' defaultImage='\\some\picture\pic.png'>
<displayName>Friendly Name</displayName>

Disc Archiving

This feature will archive a DVD or Blu-Ray to a path of your choice (movie file only) when a disc is inserted. It is designed to perform all the necessary conversions to allow smooth playback on extenders, and requires that you have the following tools installed:

makemkv ( - for extracting the appropriate files from the disc.

eac3to ( - for converting DTS HD audio to AC3 audio so that extenders can play it

ffmpeg ( - for remuxing video and audio files into a format suitable for TODVRMS

todvrms ( - for converting to the final WTV format

While this feature will correctly generate a DiscID for DVDs, it doesn't yet do so for Blu-rays. So you'll need to add the dvdid.xml manually for those for now. Other than that it's designed to be extremely hands-off; the tool will show a message when it starts, and report progress every 10%, then put the finished movie in your designated folder. The configuration entry in the VmcController.xml file is as follows:

<discArchiver drive_letter='D' eac3to_path='c:\ffmpeg\eac3to\eac3to' ffmpeg_path='c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe' makemkv_path='C:\Program Files (x86)\MakeMKV\makemkvcon64' todvrms_path='c:\ToDVRMS-1014\todvrms.exe' target_path='c:\movies'/>

These features are free for noncommercial use. Tested on Win7 x64. Enjoy at your own risk.



Apr 21, 2010 at 5:42 PM

I am really interested in the CallerID functionality as most of the solutions that I have found for MCE don't work very well. I did try to implement your script, but couldn't get around mscomm32.ocx causing a problem. I was able to register it successfully, but whenever i tried to run it it gave me an activex error cant create object, mscommlib.mscomm. Does this still rely on mscomm32 or is it independent of it? Is there somewhere where I can download a binary with this included?